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Carrie 7 days ago

Buttermilk Pancakes

I've had so many meals at this restaurant but love these pancakes! Light and fluffy. Perfect. We love this place and come often.

K about 1 month ago


Delicious! So impressed. Great food and atmosphere.

Lauramacdonald44 about 1 month ago

1/2 Rack Ribs

We come here for delicious, consistent ribs! My son is an unofficial rib taster... Landmark's ribs are his favorite. The staff is exceptional, always friendly and attentive. We really like the service style of the restaurant. Oh! The Mac N Cheese is the best in town.

Stephen about 2 months ago


Meal was fantastic - fresh and healthy lunch option that was extremely filling! Love the vibe in the restaurant + service was also great. Definitely recommend!

Rainserin about 2 months ago

Deconstructed Burrito

This is the second time over had this and it was DELICIOUS!! The staff was super friendly and I can't wait to come back and try breakfast! It was my Mom's first time and she can't wait to come back too!

Darwolnik about 2 months ago

Mac & Cheese

So many restaurants have a basic version of mac and cheese on their menu, clearly there just to placate a fidgety child. As a result, they often taste like an afterthought. But after having many other items on the menu (including one or two delightful deconstructed burrito bowl with brisket and a few of those California bowls), I had a feeling it would not be one of those. Long story short-It was not. Lovely shell macaroni with gouda and cheddar with actual herbs means it is a worthy dish in itself. Although why not add some of their gorgeous smoked meat to fully show off its purpose?

Tbrider43 2 months ago

Deconstructed Burrito

The deconstructed burrito bowl is amazing! The combination of pulled pork, guacamole, veggies and rice is sublime, and pairs well with any of the craft beers offered by Landmark.

Kifayahamad58 2 months ago

Fried Chicken Sandwich

everything here very good. chicken sandwich very juicy and super flavor. natural not like fast food sandwich. people nice to me and experience 5 star

Tonycosta21 3 months ago

Club Sandwich

Amazing!! Great prices for a great portions. Love the gluten-free options

Buttah50 3 months ago

1 pancake

Some of the most fluffiest pancake i have had the pleasure to indulge in. Very consistent batter and flavorful. I thank u for making breakfast great again.

Kikunohana13 3 months ago

Smoked Meat Latkes

The Smoked Meat and Latkes dinner is so good. I get is with brisket because the brisket is moist and flavourful! I enjoying eating in but also do a lot of take out. The food is fast and the service is great

Detrichburgessmusic 3 months ago


I always get the deconstructed burrito with brisket. It's my favorite!!!! The brisket is always flavorful and tender. One day I'll try something different. Lol

Kbaughman22 3 months ago

Breakfast Burrito

My wife and I LOVE THIS PLACE. It is one of the best restaurants in the Greater Cleveland Area. We walk here all the time we have never been disappointed. Every dish is just honestly so amazing. So Happy Landmark has arrived and we plan on eating here more and more everyday. We come at least a few times a month. Absolutely love this food, drinks, and atmosphere.

Guest 4 months ago

Pulled Pork Sandwich

The highlight of the sandwich was the meat itself. Sounds kind of intuitive but I've had way too many "BBQ" sandwiches where the meat was sub-par. cooked to perfection and i recommend the memphis sauce with it!

Joshua 4 months ago


Had an absolutely wonderful smoked sampler meal! The atmosphere is elegant, hip and refreshing. The best and I mean the best-smoked pork I have ever had. The smoked pastrami and turkey were also mouth-watering. Finally, the macaroni and coleslaw were delightful. I will be back for sure. Highly recommend.

Bridgetcbranning 4 months ago

Deconstructed Burrito

One of my favorite things about landmark is their killer brisket. It's probably the best brisket I've had anywhere and it's totally unexpected coming from this very trendy looking restaurant! This deconstructed burrito with brisket is out of this world and I think about it often. The ingredients are so fresh and high quality that the dish is simple and clean without being boring. Then adding on their melt-in-your-mouth brisket, you are basically in heaven!

Hhamad05 4 months ago

Buttermilk Pancakes

Easily the greatest pancakes I have ever had. I don't know what it is but the flavor and texture are seriously perfect. The honey butter alone is amazing. These are a must try.

Afleming689 5 months ago

Breakfast Burrito

Delicious! Best breakfast burrito in town. Huge portions too, can be saved for a second meal!

Mrahmadhamad 5 months ago

Montreal Smoked Meat

I wasn't sure what to expect when I walked into Landmark and ordered damn near the entire menu but it was genuinely one of the greatest meals we've ever had. The Montreal Smoked Meat (star of the show, maybe tied with the smoked chicken) was extremely tender and succulent and melted in your mouth. The SmokeHouse Brisket likewise was super flavorful and soft. The smoked chicken was otherworldly...fall off the bone, sticky, sweet and savory, and still amazing the next day. The Deconstructed Burrito was a really nice change from the typical burrito takeout, and the Thai Peanut bowl especially was to die for. Loved the medley of flavors and I did not regret having them go heavy on the peanut sauce and grilled pineapple. The mac and cheese, French fries, and pickled onions were the perfect sides to the mammoth feast we were having. For years Cleveland has lacked a proper BBQ joint (IMO) and I'm extremely happy that Landmark filled that void. Their phenomenal food, cleanliness, and awesome service are seriously 5 star. My clothes probably aren't going to fit much longer since they're just minutes away but I legitimately don't care. There's always elastic.

Taylor 19 days ago

Breakfast Burrito

The BEST breakfast burrito I've ever had. Should be on the menu ALL day! Also; don't go changing your hours! We need a great breakfast spot on a daily basis! And that diner bar place just doesn't compare! We need you guys serving breakfast daily!

Sharonne44135 about 1 month ago

Breakfast Burrito

The tenderness of the briskets on the breakfast burritos is HEAVENLY SENT! A must try. Also love the thai peanut bowl and fried chicken sandwich is sooo flavorful...My whole family loves Landmark! Keep up the great food!

Emilyrebeccagreen about 1 month ago


This bowl is delicious (and huge). The combination of blue cheese, walnuts, avocado, red pepper, tomato, chicken and rice? Yes, please. I think I could eat one everyday. Bright flavors. Fresh ingredients. Super tasty.

Vincescomet about 2 months ago

Mac & Cheese

I had it topped with the fried chicken, the chicken had a little kick and had to be the best fried chicken I ever had. The Mac and Cheese was very good also, quite cheesy with a slight hint of garlic. We are heading back there tonight for the grilled cheese special, we are excited to try it.

Mtp0926 about 2 months ago

Smoked Meat Latkes

It was incredible! My daugher's also had two different dinners which were awesome also. The taste of everything was great! Will be telling everyone I know about this place and we will be back. Thank you.

Amyers39 2 months ago

Thai Peanut

The Thai Peanut bowl is super tasty all while being filled with healthy goodness! I get it with the 6oz salmon- definitely worth the $3 extra. Enjoy!

Smith 2 months ago


This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing to eat here. I crave it all the time and could probably eat it every day!!

Aegarrity425 2 months ago

Thai Peanut

I absolutely love the thai peanut bowl at Landmark! I love that the veggies come simply steamed and not sautéed. I feel like I am getting real whole food when I order this bowl. The sauce is also great and just the right amount of spicy! And you definitely have to make sure you order a side of the mac and cheese. I think it might be the best mac and cheese in Lakewood (maybe even the Land). Keep up the great work, Landmark!

Icetiherra 3 months ago


Best rice bowl I've ever had! The salmon was a delicious addition and also had the best peach bellini if ever had in my life. No joke. We will be back forsure. This is definitely a new favorite brunch spot!

Emily 3 months ago

Breakfast Burrito

Absolutely delicious!! Was looking for something new and different and will definitely be back! Staff is fantastic and food is even better!

Nhudson227 3 months ago

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Loved everything about this sandwich! The pork is perfection and the tangy crunch of the fresh coleslaw perfectly compliments it.

Bismillahrogers 3 months ago


I'm a native Clevelander. I've had real Jewish grandma latkes. My mother's brisket was so good, I wouldn't even try any restaurant's. My mother would approve of Landmark's brisket. It's moist, full of flavor. The smoke isn't too intense and the portion was perfect. Coupled with two eggs over medium, a Bulliet and OJ, summer cocktail to wash it down. The price point is a little high, but I don't eat meat often and it's the meat treat you've been waiting for. GO GET THE BRISKET

Peter 4 months ago

Smoked Meat Latkes

The best latkes on the west side. It's a generous portion - you can make it a meal for two if you get salad or appetizers

Kellyanneschramm 4 months ago

Breakfast Burrito

The breakfast burrito is SO good. Have been a couple of times for breakfast and have never been disappointed. Highly recommend.

Allisonpalmer327 4 months ago

Breakfast Burrito

This is my favorite breakfast in town! They are extremely accommodating to dietary restrictions, the food is amazing, and always tastes fresh. My favorite thing to do is get the breakfast burrito with no tortilla and add potatoes to the bottom. It makes it like a Mexican breakfast bowl! The portions are generous so I always have a little extra to take home for lunch. 5/5!

Deightob 4 months ago

Build Your Own Mac & Cheese!

Always delicious and filling. I get mine with brisket and bbq sauce. Highly recommend.

Nina 4 months ago

Smoked Meat Breakfast Latkes

What's better than smoked meats? Smoked meats, eggs, and potato pancakes. You can never go wrong with this new breakfast twist ::drool::

Tonya 5 months ago

Pulled Pork

I cannot get enough of the pulled pork and coleslaw. The tangy sweetness of the coleslaw paired with the slightly smoky pork is heaven-so good! And that South Carolina sauce-outstanding! I need to take some of that home!

Jmch156 5 months ago

Pulled Pork

Five star!!!!! This is an amazing sandwich, juicy, saucy and tangy. My wife and I eat here about once a month, we usually get it to go, so far never a bad experience here, the staff is really nice, the restaurant is clean and modern. I love walking in and just smelling the smoked meats....seriously you have to check this place out. -joe mchugh


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